Why Vector?

A vector file enables our printer to manipulate your file to any size and it will still remain perfectly crisp. A vector graphic is resolution-independent meaning that it can be scaled to any size and printined on any output device at any resolution without losing its detail or clarity.

How to check if your file is a Vector file

A vector image is made up of lines, points and curves. If you have Adobe Illustrator the quickest way to check if your file isa true Vector artwork is to zoom in very close and if the lines arestill perfectly crisp it should be vector. Your artwork is not in the correct format if you take a jpeg and save it as an .eps (Encapsulated PostScript) or .ai (Adobe Illustrator) in Adobe. The artwork needs to created in Adobe itself and saved as one of these file types.

Zoomed in on the ExpressShop logo

Example of Vector artwork suitable for printing

Converting text to Outlines

When creating artwork it is possible to use a font that you have purchased. Unfortunately we may not have the same font as you so the only way you can make sure we print the font correctly is by converting the text to outline. This is simple to do, in Adobe Illustrator select the font go to the Type drop down menu and click on Create Outlines. The shortcut for this is to select the font and then Shift + Ctrl + O

Express Font converted to Outlines

Text converted to ourlines example


Your artwork needs to be in solid colours. We can't print gradients.

About PMS (Pantone Matching System) Colours

The Pantone Matching System provides a standard for describing printed colours using specific inks, and therefore results in the best colour replication for your artwork. When you submit your artwork please specify the PMS colours being used in your artwork. Please note PMS Colours will never look quite the same on your computer screen or printed on your own printer; the only true way of checking what a Pantone Colour looks like is by checking an official PMS Chart.


We accept PDF files as long as they have been created in Adobe from the original artwork file

If you need assistance with your artwork please email lindsey.oostendorp@jempp.com.au or complete Graphic Design Enquiry Form.